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We are a couple of gutsy ‘tell it like it is’ boss ladies (a mom + daughter duo) running a boutique gifting business in a light and breezy studio/office along the sunny California coast.


With years of experience in the design + service industries - from retail, merchandising, staging and business-to-business endeavors, we have put our distinct personal style, expertise in creating memorable experiences and keen

business sense to use for projects across multiple industries. 


We feel extremely lucky (and humbled) that together, we get to do what we love, all the time... and we do it with lotsa coffee, laughter and meticulous attention paid to every detail in between. 

Louise + Reni

we do things a little differently

It's a little unorthodox and we feel pretty-darn-good about it!  We re-use, up-cycle and repurpose anything and everything possible.  Our friends and followers know we're always on the hunt for previously loved, vintage and reusable containers, upcycled details and clean paper packing material because we don't believe anything has only a "single use" lifespan.  So save those items from filling up our landfills as we give incentives for you to bring us your cleaned up discarded items. We'll make sure to refresh everything and put it to good use...(pinky swear)!

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text/call : 760-576-9202

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